Floating Homes Communities Near Vancouver, B.C.

Highlights on floating home Communities near Vancouver, B.C.

B.C. has about 500 floating homes, and most of these floating homes are comfortable, well-built houses that happen to float on water. These floating homes can be found mostly in marinas from North Vancouver to Langley. There are concentrations of floating homes in Ladner, Richmond and New Westminster. You can use the links here to view South Delta townhouses and condos for sale on the MLS system
Canoe Pass

In recent years, strata developments take the ownership of floating homes to a new level. Strata ownership helps giving floating home owners much greater security to their investments. View floating homes for sale using this link.

While floating homes and the lifestyle of living near the water and surrounded by nature are the dreams of many people, the problem is that they aren’t too many floating homes available for sale in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Besides complicated process in rezoning and getting approval for floating homes approved by municipalities, developers are wary of getting involved in the development of floating homes.

Would floating homes solve the Lower Mainland’s housing-affordability crisis? There are few signs of developers or municipalities keen on developing more floating homes in the lower mainland. Long time floating home specialist, Greg Klemke believes folks should buy float homes for the lifestyle, rather than the price. But, with the hot land-based housing market, and unaffordable housing on land, floating homes are starting to attract price-conscious buyers for the first time.

Where in the past a floating home might stay on the market for months, the more affordable ones now get snapped up in a matter of days.

Canoe Pass Village


Canoe Pass Village is a premier community with 43 unique strata titled floating homes. This development was the first strata titled floating homes village in Canada. Canoe Pass Village is a gated community and has often been referred to as BC’s premiere floating home community. Canoe Pass Village floating homes are located near the mouth of the most southerly arm of the Fraser River – Canoe Pass.

The development is located in a rural wetlands across from Westham Island near the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. Canoe Pass Village is surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife all year round. Residents are living amongst and surrounded by eagles, seals, otters, beavers, ducks, swans, geese, loons, grebes and many other wild birds and animals.

All Canoe Pass floating homes are connected to a private sewage-treatment plant, so there’s no dumping into the river. Living in the community is not cheap. The going price for a floating home in Canoe Pass Village is in the mid $600,000.

Ladner Reach

Floating homes at Ladner Reach offer a spectacular view of marsh, mountains and sunsets. It’s proximity to nature is a nature lover’s paradise that offers daily sightings of ducks, geese, bald eagles, swans, beaver, otters, other wild birds and animals. The George Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is only two kilometers away.

Ladner Reach Properties Ltd. owns the upland and marina facilities, and leases the adjacent water lot from Port Metro Vancouver. The marina has 28 float home berths and offers secure moorage contracts to owners of the floating homes at Ladner Reach. The berths at this marina can accommodate floating homes up to 22′ wide and 38′ long.

Marina Wes-Del

A new floating homes development in Ladner called Marina Wes-Del is a stratified floating homes. The village of Marina Wes-Del is tucked along Canoe Passage on the South Arm of the Fraser River. Across the passage lies Westham Island, home to organic farm operations and the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

At the time this blog is published, there are only two water lots remaining for sale. Marina Wes-Del is a relaxed community of floating homes with a tranquil waterfront setting, making this floating homes community one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Each of the 19 water lots is fully serviced, providing all the desired conveniences for single family living.

Queensgate Marina

Queensgate marina is an oasis of waterfront living on the mighty Fraser River. Queensgate marina is a floating homes village centrally located in the Queenborough neighbourhood of New Westminster. It is 5 minutes from Hwy 91 and 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver. If you love a central location and love living on the water, Queensgate Marina is perfect.

According to the developer, DeWaal his development is the third such marina strata project in B.C., with the other two located in Ladner and Richmond. The City of New Westminster supplies dockside sewer and water to the floating homes. Other amenities include electricity, cable and communications. Natural gas is available for cooking, fireplaces and barbecuing

The cost for a water-front floating home Queensgate, according to Realtor Bach is from $600,000 to $700,000. Buyers can obtain a floating home measuring between 1,600 and 1,800 square feet, ownership of a foreshore lot, and a waterscape view onto the Fraser River. The most unique feature about the water lots at Quuensgate marina development is that all the homes are sited in a straight line, providing everyone with a view of the Fraser River.

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